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Carpet Cleaning in Whistler & Squamish

"Hi, I’m Gord Golda, owner of Eagle Springs Carpet Cleaning.
I guarantee personalized service as I will be the one cleaning your carpets".

Eagle Springs Carpet Cleaning is a locally owned and operated company cleaning homes and businesses in the Sea to Sky Corridor for the past 25 years.

Eagle Springs Carpet Cleaning offers a wide selection of cleaning and damage prevention services for both Residential and Commercial Cleaning.

We are proud to offer the most professional and experienced Carpet Cleaning services in Whistler, Squamish and Pemberton, using Premiere TRUCK MOUNTED hot water extraction equipment with Eco-Friendly solutions that are safe for your family, pets and the environment.

The Best Choice for

Carpet Cleaning in Whistler & Squamish

Eagle Springs Carpet Cleaning Promises Excellent One-on-One Customer Service from the Owner Himself

Gord has been building relationships in the Sea to Sky community for over 25 years. He is trusted and known for his quality work.

When you book an appointment with Eagle Springs, you will get Gord every time.

Whether you need your office revitalized for new clients or you need a spring cleaning to reset your home for the year, Eagle Springs has the knowledge, technical skills and equipment to make it happen.


Excellent one-on-one customer service from the owner himself.


Premier TRUCK MOUNTED hot water extraction equipment.


Proud To Use Eco-Friendly, Pet-Safe and Child-Safe Solutions.


My Guarantee: to give you the absolute best in service.
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Mountain Country Property Management
Gina Ciccone
Just had a wonderful experience with Eagle Springs and the owner Gord. I found Eagle Springs to be professional, knowledgeable, and great with their communication and follow through. He was able to remove two stains that had had several treatments by another company. Couldn't recommend them enough. Do yourself a favor and go with Gord!
Kelly Doyle
Absolutely the best carpet cleaning you can find in Squamish! Gord was personable, professional and went above and beyond as far as quality of work. We have some new carpet and some old carpet, (which I did not have much hope for coming clean, but it looks amazing!). Great price as well!
Oliver Sinan
Very professional service. I've used a company that uses portable machines for carpet cleaning in the past and they do not compare to his truck mounted equipment. Gord is the real deal!
Steph Farrell
Every year Gord cleans our carpets and they always turn out so clean! He is extremely professional and offers a great service and prices. Thanks Gord, the best carpet cleaning company in Whistler :)

BETTER than portable units and encapsulation method?

We use Premiere TRUCK MOUNTED hot water extraction equipment to give your carpet the best, longest-lasting cleaning available.

Eagle Springs utilizes the industry's best truck-mounted equipment that can heat water up to 100 degrees. The hotter the water, the less chemicals and cleaning solutions needed to sanitize your carpets. With high powered equipment there is no residual chemical solution left behind in the carpet.

Truck mount systems are completely self-sustaining providing their own power source and water supply.

Truck mount systems are 10 TIMES more powerful than any portable machine producing unbeatable deep cleaning results at the SAME PRICE.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1What method of carpet cleaning does Eagle Springs Carpet Cleaning use?
Eagle Springs Carpet Cleaning uses a hot water extraction method with the best truck mounted equipment available. This is a deep down cleaning system, using close to 100° C hot water and high powered suction. Unlike portable units and encapsulation methods, we don’t leave residue behind.
2How much does professional carpet cleaning cost in Squamish?
The cost for carpet cleaning will vary depending on the number of rooms and stairs. Please contact Gord for an estimate. We offer the most reasonable prices in the area and our quality can't be beat!
3Do I need to move all my furniture?
We are happy to move any small furniture, this includes items like chairs. coffee tables and others with similar size. If you require cleaning under the beds, they need to be taken apart and removed from the room before we arrive for service. Moving your own furniture before your scheduled carpet cleaning will help to reduce the time of service.
4Is it necessary to get carpet cleaning done professionally?
Professionals will ensure a more thorough cleaning with professional grade equipment especially for stains and tough spots to clean. Professional equipment will minimize dander and sanitize your carpets, keeping them fresher for longer, and ensure proper methods to avoid damage to your carpets. I guarantee professional service as I will be the one cleaning your carpets!
5Why is it important to get my carpet cleaned regularly?
Regular professional carpet cleaning service kills bacteria and maintains clean carpets by eliminating the build up of bacteria and dust mites. Regular professional cleaning is highly recommended, specially if you have kids with allergies. This service is helpful in eliminating aggravating dander, dust mites and dead skin cells.
6Why is hot water extraction the best method for carpet cleaning?
Professional hot water extraction is the most effective method of carpet cleaning to penetrate deeply into your carpets and remove stains, dust and built up debris. Carpet and rug manufacturers recognize hot water extraction as the only carpet cleaning method to maintain the carpet’s warranty.
7How often should I get my carpets professionally cleaned?
Carpets should typically be cleaned every 6 to 12 months to maintain your carpet’s warranty and extend the life of your carpet. It’s best to follow up with your carpet’s warranty to determine the required frequency of cleaning.
8What type of cleaning solutions are involved in the cleaning process?
Eagle Springs Carpet Cleaning is proud to use eco-friendly solutions that are both pet-safe and child-safe, while also reaching high temperatures to ensure bacteria is killed on contact. By cleaning carpets with high temperature water we are able to deeply clean and penetrate stains and odors without using harsh cleaning solutions.
9How long does it take for the carpet to dry?
Carpet drying times vary by location and many factors including soil levels, the environment and air movement of the carpet’s location, but generally take anywhere from 4-24 hours. You can walk on the carpet with clean shoes or socks.
10How long does carpet cleaning take?
The time it takes to complete your carpet cleaning service is dependent on many factors including the size of the area being cleaned, stains and odors that need a deeper clean, the soil level of the carpet and the movement of any furniture out of the service area.
11Why is truck-mounted carpet cleaning better?
The truck-mounted carpet cleaning method is a trusted and true way to ensure that carpets are intensely cleaned with high power that allows steam and hot water to reach deep down into the carpet to lift and remove stains and odors. There is a greater level of suction which removes all residues and liquids after service. This powerful method is fast and efficient- it allows each area of carpet to be thoroughly cleaned the first time over which means less wear and tear from the cleaning process.

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