Best Carpet Cleaning Service in Whistler

Eagle Springs Carpet Cleaning is the leading carpet cleaning service offered in Whistler. As the owner, Gord personally guarantees a professional and punctual customer service experience. He has been working in the industry for 25 years, which demonstrates a long-standing commitment to being the best carpet cleaner in Whistler.

Eagle Springs Carpet Cleaning offers a wide array of services for your carpet cleaning needs. These include residential and commercial cleaning as well as upholstery services. You can rest assured that all of the cleaners the company uses are eco-friendly and safe for your pets and children. They will restore the freshness to your carpets and remove dirt, grime, and allergens that seep into your carpets over time.

• Residential:

Gord will come to your home to service all carpeted areas using the hot water extraction method. This deep cleaning method circulates 100 C water through your carpets to kill bacteria. The water is then removed with a high-power suction to remove all dirt and debris, leaving your carpets steamy clean.

• Commercial:

Trust Eagle Springs Carpet Cleaning with your business or office, and they will have it in tip-top shape. No dirt can stand up to their powerful truck-mounted service, which leaves even the most neglected carpets refreshed and revitalized. Hotels have

• Upholstery:

When store-bought cleaners fail to take care of stains on your favourite couch or chair, you can trust the best carpet cleaner in Whistler to come to your rescue. Paying attention to the dimensional stability process, the company will assure that multiple fabrics and materials found on different upholstery.

You might be thinking why choose a professional carpet cleaning service when I can rent a carpet cleaner myself?

While you can rent or purchase a carpet cleaner and cleaning products on your own, they do not reach the same industrial temperatures to sanitize your carpets. That pesky pet dander and dust particles can still remain trapped deep down in the carpets, without a high-powered suction tool to assure that all dirt particles are lifted.

Eagle Springs Carpet Cleaners are trained and experienced in the industry’s best practices in cleaning multiple surfaces and materials with satisfaction guaranteed. They follow the process until the end, assuring that the carpets dry quickly and thoroughly within a few hours.

Check out their Facebook reviews to find out why Eagles Springs Carpet Cleaning is the best carpet cleaner in Whistler. Customers have raved about their long-standing professional relationships with Gord, the timeliness of scheduled appointments, and the best rates in town.