Residential Carpet Cleaning

Our state of the art method of residential carpet cleaning ensures
deeper cleaning and faster drying times.

Your carpet is often a fairly large investment. You want your carpet to last as many years as possible, the best way to accomplish that, is to have your carpets deeply cleaned on a regular basis.

Eagle Springs Carpet Cleaning uses a hot water extraction method. This is a deep down cleaning system, using close to 100° C hot water and high powered suction. Unlike portable units and encapsulation method, we don’t leave residue behind.

Do you or someone in your home suffer from allergies?

People who have asthma, allergies and sensitive skin, can really benefit from this process, as it removes dust mites, dead skin cells and pet dander. With water close to 100° C, the bacteria is killed on contact.

The EPA or Environmental protection Agency recommends that you have your carpets cleaned at least once a year with the hot water extraction method to keep indoor air quality at acceptable levels.
We are your best option for your home carpets in Whistler and Squamish.